Jamie Gray Wedding Jan 2018 Savannah

Continuation of the last set of photos. That disposable didnt have a flash on it so it was useless during the wedding. Also some photos from the snow / ice in Savannah.

Savannah and NYC January 2018

I borrowed my grandparents car to drive down to Savannah for a classmates wedding. Very hectic week of travel between my grandfathers death on the 2nd and a blizzard in NY happening on I think the 4th? Idk somehow we made it. My dad was also in NY so this is photos from that too. 

Chicago Aug 2016 - NYC Oct - Dec 2017

I started a roll in my Nikon F5 (probably the camera I use the least at this point) back when Lizzi was interning in Chicago. Totally forgot it was in there until I grabbed the Camera for Benge's Birthday weekend. The roll runs into Christmas time in NY.

Vegas Bachelor Party Disposables - May 2017

Wowwee I haven't posted in a while. Luckily photos still go here. Heres some 35mm disposables from my trip to Las Vegas.


New York things

Ive lived in New York for almost a year and decided to make this illustration of my favorite NY things inspired by my breakfast.

For reference: Korean BBQ, The Guggenheim, Washington Square park arch, The Chrystler Building, Gretel, Yellow Cab, Lox cream cheese on a bagel. 


Slow day at work means doods on the cintiq. I got into drawing this hand then felt like animating it.

Son Real Hangout

Went to a concert. Met the artist (Son Real). Ended up hanging out with him the whole next day until their flight left. He really liked soup dumplings. Shot on a disposable camera.

Weekend in Philly

Ran down to Philadelphia for the weekend to hang out with my friends Emily and Robbie. Almost missed my bus going there and leaving. Shot on a Rollieflex 2.8 - Kodak Portra 800. 

McCann Christmas Party / Winter Break

This started as a roll of Kodak Portra 800. The lab seriously fucked the roll while developing it. With some scanner wizardry this is what I was able to salvage of them. Shot on a Canon AE-1

This is the process of fixing each image.

Dumpling Fest / Little Italy / Crown Heights

Film from fall 2016. Mamiya RB67 - Ilford 400

Roadtrip Project

I created a project during college on my road tripping experiences. While that project will not see the light of day I thought the concept and script was worth holding on to. With some free time at work last week I made up these two started frames. Possible more to come?

Abstract squiggles.

I was playing around with short frame animations, clipping masks, and efficiency in photoshop in photoshop. This is only 9 frames that I drew on top of each other using basic squash and stretch principles. Then I staggered them, duplicated them, staggered again, and duplicated them again. This got me two sets of blobs that I then used quick track mattes / clipping masks to change the colors and squiggles up.

It all started with a blob.

Ball Bounce Gif Test

Animade did a tutorial a couple weeks ago on a ball bouncing in photoshop. I followed along and added some faces. 

Waffle Iron

This is the last one in the series that Ill be doing for now. This waffle iron was actually really difficult for me. Multiple times I thought about giving up and posting what I already had done but I kept going. Im pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Ripple Effect

I literally have no clue how the physics of a ripple look but I wanted to animate it so this was my attempt.

Kodak Super 8 Camera

Ayyy I got a second one done today so that was cool. Im obsessed with this camera and will be buying it the second it goes to market. In the mean time heres a frame.