Ghost Farmer

I think i drew this over the summer when I interned at Gretel. Im not sure why I never posted it so here it is now.

New Film: NYC x Chicago Color

More photos from that Chicago trip. If youre curious I used a Nikon F5 and a Nikkor 24-70 2.8 lens. The film was 800 iso fuji something - I think it was from a garage sale.

New Film: NYC x Chicago Black and white

I moved to NYC this summer but sometimes I also go other places. Then I brought a camera to make sure I look hip.

Olympics Frame

Made this little guy while watching the swimming semis in the olympics. Playing around with a new kyles brush and the dissolve brush blending mode.

New Film: College Emmys / College Graduation

Picks up in life where that last roll stopped.

New Film: Summer 2015 - Late Spring 2016

It somehow took me a year to shoot this roll of film. Extremely exciting to get it back form the lab and get a small glimpse into almost every trip I took this year. These are the selects.

Gif Challenge

I started a group within my department this summer called gif challenge. Each week I posted a short brief encouraging others in the group to challenge each other to make a short animated gif. 

To kick off the group I made this short title card using traditional animation on paper with a light table. Colored with colored pencils (first one ran out causing the color shift)